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How to Earn Money from Home for Students

Looking for a good earning side job at home as a student? Or do you want an extra job next to your current one to easily earn some more money? Then you’re at the right place again because in this article we cover 27 side jobs of which you can do most of them from home.


Everyone can make money online regardless of whether you want a second job in addition to your current one, or if you are looking for a side job as a student. Having a second job is a great opportunity.

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Your current job compared to an online job. With an online job you can:

Would you like to earn money online for school students?

As a school student you will probably recognize the following: you often have a piece of the month left over at the end of your money. This is certainly the case when, as a student living away from home, you also need money for shopping and to pay your rent. But how do you earn money online as a student?

Ways you can make money are plentiful. For example, you could, of course, write an eBook recommending products and thus start your own online business. You can make quite a bit of money doing this if you do it right. 


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Earn money online college students paying tax

You will however college students have to pay more tax when earning money online compared to your first job. This is because the reduction on payroll tax can only be applied to a job. If you would earn more with this job than with your regular job, it is a good idea to transfer the wage tax reduction to your job.

Thanks to the internet, in combination with working a few hours a week, you can earn a nice amount of money this way.

Flexible jobs means easy money making

Below is a comprehensive list of ways to make extra money online. These are just jobs where you can arrange your own time in a flexible way. Some of these jobs can even be done from an easy chair!

Attention, the jobs listed here are not always suitable for persons under 18 years of age. If there is something you like, find out more about the possibilities.

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We can inform you about all types of online-based income:

How to earn money online for school students – Affiliate Marketing

A good way for students to make money online is to recommend affiliate marketing. This means that you promote services or products for a fee and persuade visitors to make a purchase.

You could of course promote your products via YouTube or other social media channels. But still I will recommend you to set up a website or blog.

You then place affiliate links of your specific services or products on your website or on YouTube and Facebook. If a visitor then clicks on a link then this person is linked to the website of the affiliate company.

You are then paid a percentage or a fixed amount when the customer proceeds to buy a service or product that you are promoting. Such payments can be up to 50% of the price of the product.

Affiliate marketing expectations

Do not expect the money to flow in immediately with affiliate marketing but you will notice that it will after a while. Even if the amount then gradually becomes more.

The beauty of this is that this income also returns every month. Even if you are not actively working on it, it would still continue, even when you are sleeping.

The better you know how to convince your visitors to buy a product. The better the sales of the company will be and therefore will pay you more money.

If you want to know how to successfully set up such a profitable website, I recommend you to check out the following course.


In and such course, it explains step by step how to set up a website. It is then explained how you (like me) can make money with it online. These courses are excellent for unskilled people.

Party consultant

Do you have a large group of friends or acquaintances? Is interacting with people something you really enjoy? Then a party consultant could be something for you. With this way of working from home you can arrange your own time.

Here’s how you do it: You invite a number of people to a party in your own living room. You can easily get started as a consultant with a number of companies offered by us. It is then also possible to organize such parties at other people’s homes.

Hosting a Tupperware party is one of these examples. But of course there are other topics and products you can apply this to.

Are you more of a person who loves fashion and Fashion? Then go to Google and search for Jewels 316 they are specialized in organizing a party for jewelry.

In this way you will have a nice evening or afternoon and you will also earn a nice amount of money with it. Investing money is not required in this way of marketing.

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We can inform you regarding all kinds of online based income:


Babysitter after school

Are you good with children? Then a job as a after school babysitter is something you might be suitable for, and it is a side job that is very flexible. If you want to find out if you are suitable for the job of babysitter, please contact….


The job as a babysitter is easy to combine with study, school or another job. Because on weekends or in the evenings, there are Legio people looking for a babysitter in their neighborhood.

Parents are also often looking for a babysitter after school. Do you have one or more minus days off per week? Then these afternoons are easy to fill with babysitting children.

Have so much freedom as a babysitter. You decide your available hours and your hourly wage. If you don’t mind doing some extra household chores as well, then your salary will also be a lot higher.

Are you curious how high your salary will be? Then take a look at the following website.


Some people dream of success, while others get up every morning and make it happen.

Wayne Huizenga

Babysitters wanted in your neighborhood

It is very easy to find babysitting jobs these days. It is often easy to see online which families in your neighborhood are looking for a babysitter.

Would you like to know which families in your area are currently looking for a babysitter? Then you can now register for free and without obligation at…


Viewing profiles and registering with Sitly is completely free. Do you own an Android phone or an iPhone? Then it is possible to download the Sitly app on your tablet or phone.


How to make money at home college students – Paid surveys

A popular way to earn money as a student is to complete surveys. Many organizations and companies hire research firms to have surveys completed by various people.

Per completed survey you will receive a few euros, which you can have paid out from €10. There are many providers and websites that offer this way of making money online.

You can do this online job at any time of the day when you have some time. This way of making money online is an easy and very simple way.

You can earn a nice amount of pocket money this way of filling out surveys.


After you have filled out your interests you will receive e-mails or be invited to participate in actions or to participate in a survey. With this you will earn points which you can have paid out when you reach a certain amount.

Online surveys in your spare time

These surveys are online and when you have some spare time you can just fill them in from the comfort of your own home. A very easy way to earn money.

All you have to do is create a profile so that these companies can send you surveys based on your studies, age and other factors. When you register with more than one of these survey companies, you also earn more money.

However, do some thorough research before registering with such a Platform. Because some of these companies are not completely clear about their payouts.

Of course, it is important that you know what assignments you need to complete. Therefore, thoroughly research which companies have reliable offers in the field of online surveys. After all, your time is of course valuable and therefore it is also important what completing a survey will give you.

I have listed a number of companies I have personally researched below:

  • Opinion Land
  • Toluna
  • PanelWizard
  • Factsnapp

Good for your finances


Do you need some personal help to get your finances running? Please contact me. You may want to start your own website and make money promoting products from large companies.

John B.

Administrative online jobs to earn money for students

Would you like to make money by doing administrative work at home? Then start looking for data entry jobs. These types of jobs involve checking or entering data on your computer.

People are always needed to enter data and process emails as part of a company’s administration. Most of the time, it doesn’t even require a degree.

Under the heading of administrative work at home, correcting texts or translating them would also be mentioned more and more. On ADV you can regularly read what vacancies are open.

Online tutoring for teenager students

Do you have a knack for math or do you speak a foreign language fluently? Then perhaps a side job as an online tutor is something for you.

Tutoring teenagers can be a great side job even if you are studying. Children are increasingly getting a bilingual upbringing and math is, of course, always a tricky study. The demand for people who are suitable for tutoring children is high.

Workshops about your hobby

Is your hobby sewing knitting or cooking? If so, you could also make your hobby your profession. You could give workshops at home or be hired.

All you have to do is set up a website so that people can find you. You will have to invest a few euros but after that you will receive a certain amount of money per participant. In this way you organize fun evenings and you also make money.

Personal shopper

Are you a fashion freak and do you keep up with the latest fashion trends? Then you could think about becoming a personal shopper.


Perpetual Income 365?

Perpetual Income 365 is an affiliate marketing software for beginners and advanced marketers.

It allows people with no Internet experience to earn a full-time 5-figure recurring income through affiliate marketing.

Organize Airbnb experiences

Airbnb is not only there to rent a house but also to exchange experiences. In “airbnb experiences” it is easy to organize an event for something like showing tourists around. You might then be able to offer some kind of course or offer a guided city tour.

Share your passion with the world and meet interesting people when you sign up with Airbnb. The great thing about this is that you can set your own schedule. Airbnb will even handle your payments and provide you with your own web page. All you have to do is bring people into your passion, that’s not a hard way to make money, is it?

Deliver groceries

Ordering groceries online is something that is becoming increasingly popular. Many companies jumped on it and don’t even have a physical store and only deliver groceries. These so-called Runners are growing so fast that they are always looking for deliverers.

You often set your own flexible times here.

Dog walking service or dogsitter

Are you crazy about pets? Then how about a job as a dog walker. This kind of job requires no special skills, except that you must love dogs.

If you want to easily get in touch with pet owners, register with the various platforms.


This is a healthy and rewarding job with plenty of outdoor exercise and easy money to earn.

Become a translator for foreign languages

Do you have a passion for foreign languages? Perhaps you were raised in two languages and are fluent in both? Or maybe you studied a foreign language?

If so, you could very easily create a profile on websites for translator freelancers.

Your best bet would be to register on an international freelance platform. You can then contact clients from all over the world and it will significantly increase your chances of success.

Think of sites likeADV

Gardener service

Do you have green fingers and is gardening something you enjoy doing? Don’t mind mowing grass, pruning plants or weeding? Then what’s stopping you from doing this for other people as well.

You could start by offering your services to your friends or family. You could also place an ad on your social media. People often don’t have enough time in these busy times to maintain their patio or garden. So this can be an excellent way to start earning some extra money.

And you’re always busy in the open air.

Washing cars

Washing cars is not a job that everyone enjoys. Washing the inside of a car is especially an activity that is not very popular. If you don’t have much of a problem with that, why not get started as a car washer.

A good start is to start cleaning the cars of family and neighbors. Using social media such as Facebook is another ideal way to get more customers. A clean car makes everyone happy.

Passive Online Income


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John B.

Children’s party animation

Everyone has seen the animation teams on vacation. If you are good with children, you could of course do party animations yourself.

If you already have a babysitting job, then you could of course expand it with children’s entertainment. For example, advertise on a theme for children’s birthdays or for a Halloween party.

You could also do this for a wedding.

If necessary, invest some money for props that you could use during the events or parties. This investment will pay off in no time.

Rent your car

Do you own a car but don’t use it every day? Then check out the website of Snappcar, and rent your car out.


Through that company you can rent out your car at set times and days when you don’t need it. After entering your profile, you get a certain amount per kilometer for renting out your car.

Your car is also insured when something happens to it. So this is an easy way to earn money without having to do much.

Earn money online for college students – Rate and review theses

Are you very good at your own or another language? In that case, you could review and rate theses.

At a website like Scribbr you can sign up as an editor. Your job is then to check theses for grammar spelling, or whether there is a common thread in the story.

Which hours you want to work and which theses you want to accept is completely up to you. Although you can arrange your own hours, you are of course bound by certain deadlines.

Caring for the elderly

Although the life expectancy of people is increasing, there is still a great shortage of specialized help in care. In practice, this means that many additional things are left out when it comes to caring for the elderly.

Would you therefore like to do some useful work and are you a socially-minded person?

For many elderly people it is a godsend when someone comes over to have a chat and keep them company or even go for a walk with them.

At various institutions you can sign up online as a companion.


Get paid as a mystery shopper

Store for free and get paid for it too? Or free admission to the cinema for your evaluation of a film? In that case mystery shopper could be something for you.

Getting a customer evaluation is for many companies and outcome and that can be anonymous. As a mystery shopper, you evaluate a store or a business.

You need to be able to act like a normal customer and have an eye for detail. If you like this you could sign up at such a mystery shopper website.


Depending on your profile you will then be sent assignments. This way of making money is easy and you just do something you like.

Art model at a academy

At the art academy they are regularly looking for suitable models. If you would like to pose both dressed and naked for a fee, you could place an ad on the appropriate art websites.

This is your chance if you are not easily embarrassed and can sit still for a few hours.
Such sites allow individuals to post their ads. I recommend that you check with an artist or photographer first.

Sell your creations

Are you very creative and love to make things. Are you good at drawing knitting, painting, making jewelry or sewing clothes? You can’t think of anything else than selling your own creations.

You can do this on eBay, but also on a platform such as Etsy. These are specially designed for creative people who want to sell their own products. In this way you make work of your hobby.

How to earn money for school students – Write an Ebook

As a student, you can also make money online by writing an eBook. Maybe you have never thought of that before. If you like to put your thoughts in writing, you could also sell them, of course!

Selling them, however, can be quite a calculation and a tough job. But starting to write a story is never out of the question. And such a story may of course be a recipe book or how to get your relationship back on track.

On companies like PayPro, you can also subsequently start selling these stories. However, there is a price tag attached to this but will still make money in the end.

Most of the effort will have to be put into the time to write such a book. But after that, without you having to do anything, the money will simply flow in.

By the way, this can be combined very well with Affiliate Marketing.

How to earn online money for students with online Investing

Online Investing is also becoming more and more popular, and as a student it is also a way to earn money online. Here you buy shares of different products and types which you then start trading.

But beware, it is not easy to start investing online. Do not start this if you do not know what it entails such as where the dangers are. So make sure you have gained the necessary knowledge.

You will also need an investor account for this kind of thing. You can open such an account at a so-called online Broker.


An online Broker is an intermediary who keeps an eye on the prices on your behalf and who buys them on your behalf. And this all happens in a fraction of seconds.

Be sure that this online Broker has a good reputation, and that you also have the necessary knowledge of online investing.

At IQoption you can also trade fictitiously with a trial account in which you will receive fictitious money. In case of a loss you will not risk anything. This way of strategy will make you a better investor.

Sell your Photo’s online


How about getting paid for your hobby as a photographer? We can help you with that, and a nice extra income with your snapshots.

John B.

Email marketing

With email marketing, you easily send out emails to any prospective customers. You can produce more sales by doing this because you are going to build up more and more customers. Having your own company and an email provider is an advantage.

If you do not yet have your own company, then affiliate marketing offers you the opportunity to do this for a company. If you do have your own website then this is an easy way for a student to make money online.

Cryptocurrencies as online jobs to earn money for students

The different ways to start making money with cryptocurrency. Digital money mining is an example to make money online.

Mining is nothing but recording and validating business transactions. This does require some technical skills plus a powerful computer and will also involve the necessary risks.

Trading crypto is another methods to be able to make money online with cryptocurrencies. In this world, a lot of money is made by people every minute with a few clicks of the mouse. These earnings are made by predicting whether a price is going to fall or rise.

The most popular and third way is also the most secure, and is to invest in cryptocurrency.

How to earn money at home students – Writing texts

Writing texts for companies, for example, is another way for a student to earn money online in a quick way. You will get paid when you accept assignments for writing blog posts or SEO texts.

These payments can be quite high. And next to affiliate marketing they are among the best paid online jobs.

You can think of tens of Euros for a text of around 1000 words. And you have the freedom to choose which assignments you will or will not write for.

It’s a nice experience to see your own texts on websites. And you can use other people’s websites to advertise your own writing. You could even read your own work for big brands like

Conclusion on how to earn money from home for students

We can conclude that it is easier than many people think to make money from home on the internet as a student. This article you saw with many online jobs also that affiliate marketing is a part of this.

You can make money anywhere in the world as a student as long as you have an internet connection and a laptop. By combining opportunities, there is really a lot of money to be made here.

Think of writing on assignment for companies and writing an eBook for yourself. When you combine 2 ways and therefore have the income from two different sources.

In any case, I wish you good luck as a teenage student to make money online on the Internet.